Meticulously Distilled.
Luxuriously Smooth.

Spirits for Every Taste

Bursting with clean flavor and a smooth feel, every batch is slowly distilled six times, utilizing reverse-osmosis purified water along with platinum and silver filtration to create an experience to remember.

Kristone Limited Edition 4-Year Golden Muscat Brandy

Kristone Golden Muscat Reserve

Kristone Vodka

Kristone Handcrafted Gin

Cooming Soon


Cooming Soon


Who We Are

We’re about more than generational distilling experience – we’re merging the past with the present to create an even smoother and more memorable drinking experience. We harness technology and combine it with small-batch craft practices and superior ingredients to take our original family recipe from exceptional to award-winning.

The recipe, formulated in 1939, was first served to soldiers in WW2 and continued to be perfected throughout our family generations. Crystal Rain was born when we discovered that the true art of making handmade spirits must involve meticulous distillation coupled with technological advances to create a consistent, refined product.


We’re not the only ones who think our spirits stand out above the rest. Our flagship Kristone Vodka has been recognized year after year for its superior drinkability and harmony of taste and aroma.


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