Kristone Handmade Vodka

Perfectly balanced and unbelievably smooth, Kristone Vodka wows even the most discerning of palettes with aromas and flavors of crushed black pepper and a creamy, soft, and dry full body. Hints of lime and almond milk add just the right amount of intrigue to the long, peppery finish.
Organic Winter Wheat
Six-times Distilled
Silver and Platinum Filtration

The Kristone Difference

We Carefully Select Our Premium Organic Ingredients
The best ingredients create the best flavor. Organic and responsibly sourced, our ingredients protect both the natural flavor and the environment.
We Harness Technology to Ensure Consistency
The magic of creating great spirits lies both in the past and in the future. We combine our handmade techniques with digital software and sensitivity sensors to ensure consistency in every batch.
We Don’t Take Shortcuts
For unparalleled smoothness and taste, we use water that’s filtered in-house, a six-time distillation process, and filtration through Silver and Platinum plates to craft spirits that don’t leave you with a hangover.
We’ve Perfected Our Recipe Over Generations
Experience is earned, and our family-owned European distillery first started serving soldiers in WW2. But we didn’t stop there – we worked to perfect our recipe through a superior distillation process.

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